The Final Chapter…



This week was very special to me due to some visitors from the beautiful aloha state of Hawaii. Last year I played in Hawaii, as most of you know, and while I was there I met a very nice family. Throughout the rest of the off season and through the 2007 season in Frederick we kept in touch and they even sent me cookies and coffee and all kinds of goodies. When they found out that I was playing here in Arizona they planned a trip to come out and watch me play. It was so nice to have my biggest fan Evan (above)  here to see me. It had been a tough week and it was such a nice breath of fresh air to see them and to spend some time with them. Evan writes me letters and texts me once a week to let me know how he is doing in school and baseball. They have really made me feel like family and hopefully one day ill be able to introduce them to my family back home.

As for my experience in the Fall League I do not think it could have gone much better. I have worked very hard and have refined some of my skills which has led me to have a successful fall. I have gotten to go head to head with some of the best players and have held my own. It was good for me to see that I can play out here and make progress in all aspects of my game.

Well thanks to my buddy Chris Hayes I do not believe I will be winning the “blogger of the year” award! However I hope that I have done a fare job at giving you some in site into who I am and what im all about. I have enjoyed this experience more than I thought I ever would. When I found out I was chosen to do this I was a little nervous about how it would go. But with the help of all of you out there across the country it was a lot of fun.This is my last official blog and I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday season. Thanks again!!!



End of another long week…


Hey everyone I hope this finds you in good health!

This has been a long week and my body is starting to shut it down. As this season becomes longer and longer all the aches and pains start to become more and more prevalent. My back has been bothering me for a week or so and I think the only thing it needs is a break! Im starting to miss my family a lot and I am really excited to see my brothers. I havent seen them in a few months and I cant wait to hear all about Ole Miss. Also I am excited for cold weather and getting in a deer stand. Im sorry this is such a short entry but I am not feeling well and ill try to add on later on this week. Here are few more Q and A’s God Bless.


I saw that one of your brothers broke a lot of your hitting records at WHS along with Justin Bour, do you see them getting drafted out of college?
I think that all three of those guys have a chance of being drafted. Justin is having a lot of success at George Mason and my brothers are down at Ole Miss. Each of them are big strong guys who put a hurting on the baseball. As long as they mature I don’t think there will be any question whether they play pro ball.

Did the guys at Frederick feel any pressure this year as O’s fans look to the Keys as having quite a few future O’s on the team?
If anything, there was less pressure because we had so much talent on our team. And i think that it showed early but as the season went on and other things started to happen it started to affect the team. It was especially tough to lose our manager Tommy Thompson. He was the heart of our team and when he left he took a lot of us with him.

Are you all mostly friends or are there jealousies that crop up? How about when a guy like Matusz or Wieters joins the team with their huge bonus deals and automatic 40-man roster spots – is there jealousy there? For the most part we are all friends. All that stuff doesn’t bother me in the least. I play everyday for what I can do for the team and also what I can do for myself. All that stuff has nothing to do with me and I know i will have my opportunity in due time.

Have the Orioles given you a clear plan as to how they want to progress you through the farm system? Do you know what you need to accomplish in order to get to the next level?
The communication in our organization is not always the best and to be honest I do not know what their plan is for me. I know what I need to do and I believe it has a lot to do with my defense. Out of high school I was one of the top three defensive players in the draft and I don’t believe I have lost that. I just need to get more comfortable at the positions im playing and go from there. Everyday I am at the field I work at both first and third to make sure im getting better each day.

Once you get drafted and sign with a team, do you automatically become a fan of the parent club, or is it hard to break from the team you’ve liked since childhood? I’ve been an O’s fan since I was 7 – I couldn’t imagine ever switching my allegiance. I grew up in Virginia and because there was no Nationals i was an Orioles fan. So it was easy for me.

What did you think about the playoffs, and specifically the Rays and Phillies? I live in Philadelphia now and it was cool to see the city celebrate, but there were plenty of grumblings about the rain delay game and umpiring in general. Any thoughts?
I really wanted the Rays to win because I have a few buddies on the team. Also I really liked watching them all year. They had a spark that no other team had. They were young and extremely talented and it would of been a great story. As for the Umpires…They were horrible on BOTH sides. I wont say it lost the series or anything like that but it was unbelievably bad and Major League Baseball has got to figure out a way so that it wont happen like that again.

Lets try this again


Hello everyone I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween.

Im not sure what happened, but my last entry did not go through so ill have to post it again. Last night we broke our 10 game losing streak with a win in Scottsdale. Nolan had a huge game and the team as a whole played very well. Myself on the other hand had my worst game here in Arizona, But that is baseball and you have to try and learn from what happened and make forward progress.


I am extremely happy with the input I got last week from you guys! The questions were awsome and I hope that I answered them to everyones liking. If you guys have anymore questions feel free to ask. It was actually a lot of fun to answere them. Its kinda cool to see what you guys want to know and for me its a nice way to put myself out there beyond just what I do on the field.


This weekend was extra special for me because my girlfriend came out to see me. She had never been to Arizona and we had a nice dinner in Scottsdale on Halloween. We have been together for a long time now and she has always supported me and my baseball. She loves to come to the games and if you were in Frederick this past season you most likely saw here there. Because I have not been home for a long time its a nice breath of fresh air to see her. She especially liked the fact it was so nice out here considering she is a Virginia Tech and it snowed last week.


I hope everyone has a great week and everyone pray for my cowboys ( they need all the help they can get! ) And again, questions are always welcome!

Q and A…Thanks for the great questions!!!

I tried to answere as many questions as possible and in some cases answered one question through another. If you have any more dont be afraid to ask!

Do you have instructions from Dave Stockstill or your Keys’ coaches to work on anything specific while in Arizona?
Before we came out we sat down with Stockstill and went over specific things they want us to work on. For me getting innings at first and third base and being able to improve my footwork are huge parts for me. Also being able to have at bats against this quality of pitching is something in itself. As for third its been hard to get into games because of the limited innings and quantity of players. However i have been working at third every day before games and it is comeing along very well and i actually feel much more comfertable at the “hot” corner.

Any superstitions you can share?
I dont have too many superstitions but I do try to keep a routine. Especialy if it works! For instance, if i get up and have french toast and go 4 for 4 ill most likely be eating french toast.

Who was your favorite player as a kid? (one you saw play, and one before your time).

My favorite player I have seen play is probably Chipper Jones and my all-time favorite player is Ty Cobb.
Seriously, who was your favorite team as a kid? As a kid i loved the A’s because my dad, Brian Snyder, played for them.
What major league ballparks have you been to? I have been to Philly, Cincinatti, D.C., Tampa, and Baltimore. I cant count all the parks I went to when I was little. Wow, I cant belive thats it!
Do you want to play winter ball in Latin America when you get closer to the majors? I would love to play winter ball down in Latin America. My father played in the D.R. and Venezuela and he loved it.
What’s the toughest thing about being a professional ballplayer? The best thing? The best is that I play baseball as my job cause i do not look very good in a suite! And the worst is the time away from my family. Family is the most important thing to me and it is hard to be away for so long.
What’s the first concert you ever went to? First record you bought? First concert was Alan Jackson and it was unbelievable and i actually saw him twice. And i cant remember what my first CD was. Im thinking either country or a Sublime album, not sure.

By schwender7…
do you find that working with a different hitting coach from other teams helps you to find holes in your swings or approach the plate differently?

Do you find that different techniques actually throw you off?

I love getting the chance to work with different hitting guys. Its great to pick the brains of as many good baseball people as possible. Sometimes it might only be one little thing that you take from someone and you use it throughout your career. Also sometimes when people watch you hit for an ammount of time they dont see minor things that might need to be fixed and people that dont see you a lot sometimes can see them right away. As for your second question most good hitting coaches dont try to make big adjustments they just want you to try small things that might get your “feel” back. So its not usually anything that will throw you off that much. And I am pretty good at being able to try something and pick out the goods from the bads. It verys from each hitter and also from each hitting coach. What works for me might not work for you kinda deal.

what you would want to do for a career if you weren’t in baseball?

If I was not in baseball I would have to be in baseball haha. I would work with my dad at his baseball academy and try to pass on all the great knowledge I have obtained throughout my career. And if i had to be away from baseball i would want to own a hunting ranch and be a guide with my best friend Scott.
What song do you like to listen to that helps you get pumped before a game?

Depends on my mude. Sometimes Rap but mostly country to help me get focused. Big Zac Brown Band fan right now!
Also, what place would you like to go to that you haven’t been before?

I really want to go to the Bahamas!

By alex0666…I was wondering,
do any of you guys read websites like orioleshangout or camdenchat to see what the fans think of you?

I actually try to stay off those sites. A lot of times people dont know the first thing about what or who they are talking about. Im not saying all the time but I truely believe you should know a person before you put labels on them. It doesnt bother me what people say about me good or bad but I have been praised and then written off so many times I just stopped looking at them. I know the kind of player I am and most importantly person I am and to me thats all that matters.
Did you follow baseball when you were a kid?

I did and I followed my father for five years. I think thats were my love of the game came from.
What did you think of Oriole Park, were you impressed?

Camden is a beautiful park. I love the history and also the new additions they have added. I cant wait to put my spikes in that grass!
Also what do you guys watch on TV?

A lot of football, House, Family Guy, Baseball Tonight, and actually CNN. Reimold loves the politics!
Have you spoken to guys like Brooks Robinson or Jim Palmer yet?

I spoke to Palmer on my signing day in the box at a game. I was really nervous casue it was live and its really tough to talk through the head set! I had the oppurtunity to talk breifly with Brooks Robinson at the fantasy camp in 2006. What an unbelievable individual.

By fbi_evan…
What is your favorite number? Is it 29 haha…

My favorite number is in fact the number 29! My grandfather was in the 29th infantry in WWII and i have worn the number since my freshman year in high-school. My grandfather passed away last year and I truely believe he watches over me. I also wear his dog tag around my neck and before games I touch it and say a prayer. Love you POP-POP!
What do you like to cook??

I love to grill anything. The other night I did Alaskan Salmon and baked potatoes.

 By oriolesfan212…
What do you guys do during your free times?

Actually I go to the gym most every night I play. Since I am limited on my playing time I have been useing the time to start my offseason workouts. It was been going well and I cant wait to hit it full bore when I get home. Other than that I cook and we rest up and watch TV. No video games! haha not because I dont like to play every once in awhile but we dont have anything out here! I like Guitar Hero and Call of Duty. Brandon Erbe is an expert with the guitar.



Just a thought…

I have been toying with the idea of doing a question and answere session this week. If enough people send in questions I would love to do an extra entry. You can ask anything from whats my favorite number to my favorite kind of food. I just figure it might be interesting to know what you guys would like to know. So send in those questions and when I get enough ill answere them. Thanks again and have a great night!

Tough week!

Hey Everyone,

I hope this is finding everyone well. This is about to be the start of week four out in Arizona and everything is going fairly well. Our team has had a rough run of things lately. We have lost quite a few in a row and what really hurts is that we have put up about 6 or 7 runs a game. Our defense hasn’t been as crisp as we could hope and the pitching staff is haveing a tough time getting guys out. I do not wish to be a pitcher in this league with all the guys who can swing the bats!

One really wierd thing for me out here is the fact that its almost thanksgiving and its not getting cold. Its about to be time to start buying Christmas presents and people to start buying my birthday presents (Nov.23rd) 😉 I am a big fan of all four seasons so I would have to say that even know this is very beautiful out here, this would have to be a vacation or winter get away. I need my fall and my winter. But check in with me in January and I might have a different perspective.

On the field I have felt very comfortable at the plate. By that i mean when I am up there I have been able to slow the game down a little and relax. It makes it easier to see the ball and put good swings on each pitch. Another thing that is great out here is that the umpires are better than they were this year and I have been able to be more selective and work counts. Im sure most of you know this but I dont walk a lot and thats one aspect of my game im trying to improve. Not just walking but being more selective. My approach is not to walk, it is to attack every pitch that is in the specific zone im looking for. If its not there ill take my walk.

I have been talking to Willie Eyre a bunch in my imense free time on the pine. He is a great guy and knows a lot about the game and im always open to listen. He has a lot of experience and big league time with Minnesota and Texas. We always break down opposing hitters and pitchers and sometimes I think he wishes he could hit. One other shout out I have to make is that to our trainers Carlos and Jason. I was sick for about all of last week and they did a phenominal job of getting me through it. Anything you need they are on top of it. Most of the time I dont even ask i just walk in and whatever it is I needed they already have ready. Dont ask me how. They are a huge part of this family and deserve that respect. So heres to you Mr. fanny pack wearing baseball trainer guys. You are real american heros!

If you have any questions you would like me to answere just write me a message. I would love to connect with my fans and always looking for topics to talk about. Take care and God Bless. 



Hey everyone,

Its been about a week since my last login and everything is finally cooling down. And that of course includes the weather! I have gotten to play about 4 games since my last blog and have done well. Its extremely hard to go a day or two without facing live pitching and then dig in on the quality of pitching they have out here. Yesterday I had the opportunity to face Clay Bucholtz. Im sure you all know who he is and his accolades follow him, believe me! It was good and I felt like I had two very good at bats against him and its always nice to see how you stand up against someone like Clay. We have also finally gotten comfortable in our house. I have cooked a few times and it has turned out well. I have to give all the credit to my mother and sister.

Even though we try and get some home cooked meals out here its tuff not being home. It was a long season and the little time I had to see my family flew by. All the guys are very happy to be out here in this atmosphere but at the same time everyone always talks about home. My best friend from back home called me to tell me it was opening day of bow season. It stinks not being able to be home for the little things like that but that’s the sacrifice that we make to live our dreams. And im sorry if that’s a bad example but im sure a lot of you out there will understand what I mean.

The playing time out here is another tough aspect. There are a lot of talented players here and not enough spots on a field. Our team has five extra players and our manager does his best to split up time. However, its hard to get used to sitting when most everyone out here is an everyday player. All you can do is focus that much harder when your time comes and get as much out of each game as you can.

Finally, I would just like to say that im sorry if my editorial skills are not very good but “IMO” in my honest opinion ;)… I’m doing my best. (its been awhile) and I hopefully will get better as these continue. God Bless and go RAYS!!! aka go BJ ( i grew up playing with Justin and all three of us have the same agent)

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A little about me…

Hi everyone,

My name is Brandon Snyder and I am a corner infielder with the Baltimore Orioles. I was drafted in 2005 in the first round (13th overall) of the major league baseball first year player draft after receiving a full scholarship to Louisiana State University. I was born in Las Vegas Nevada and now reside in Northern Virginia. My father Brian Snyder played Professional baseball and I grew up to love the game. He was a left handed pitcher in the Athletics, Mariners, Braves, and Padres organizations, just to name a few. My mother Linda is my heart and sole and keeps me very well rounded. I also have a sister Sarah and twin brothers Matt and Mike who are playing baseball for Ole Miss.

In the off season I try to get outdoors as much as possible and hunting and fishing are my true passions. I try to spend at least four or five days in the deer wood if my workout schedule permits. And yes I’m still searching for that monster buck! In November of every year (excluding this year) I take part in a charity called fishing with the pros. It’s a charity organization based out of Indiana that helps underprivileged, abused, and kids that are headed down the wrong paths by cleaning up there living situations and bringing faith in God and people back into their lives. It’s a fishing tournament in witch you fish with bass fishing professionals on their boats on some of the best lakes in the country. In ’06 I got to share the experience with my father and actually won the biggest fish award.

Another thing I do in the off season is work for my father at his baseball camps and talk to kids of all ages, including high school baseball teams, about what it takes to have success on and off the baseball field. I truly believe that what you do off the field directly correlates to how you perform on it. And also to be a good person first and a baseball player second.
 As I am sure you know, as I write I am in Surprise, Arizona, playing for the Surprise Rafters. Our team is made up of players from the Indians, Dodgers, Rangers, Royals, and of course Orioles. It’s a great experience to meet new players and get to see how they are as people not just as players. Many of the players that are here I played against this year and we get to talk about things that happened during the year. One player I’m glad I got to meet is Stephen Head who is an outfielder with the Indians. We have been trading hunting stories for a few days now and hopefully will be able to set up a trip for next off season. Another is Beau Jones. We were supposed to play at LSU together before we both were selected to play professional baseball. While I’m here in Arizona I’m living with Nolan Reimold and Matt Wieters in a beautiful house on a golf course. I love to cook and have taken full advantage of our grill. I lived with Wieters this past year and have known Reimold since 2005 when we were both drafted.

Our facilities are UNBELIEVABLE! Our home field is the big league spring training facility of the Rangers and Royals and it is top shelf. It definitely makes you feel like you’re in the big leagues when you put on the big league uniform and walk out on a big league field like that.

 Last year I got to play in the Hawaii Winter Baseball League. It was a great experience as you could imagine. However this is something else. To be able to be a part of something like this with this caliber or players is awesome. I went into this year hoping I would have the opportunity to play out here and it has not disappointed at all. The people out here are amazing and really supportive of the baseball and the players. Since I have been in pro ball I have always looked at the players that have came here and gone to the big leagues and it is unbelievable. This is a tremendous opportunity and I am looking for to the rest of the season. Thanks for reading and hope you check in next week.